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Jeans, ripped jeans.

Ripped jeans is a very popular fashion statement and these are worn by both teenagers as well as young adults. Popularized in the mid to late 1990’s, this style seems to have never disappeared…

Since my attempt to buy one pair of distressed look jeans for Daniela fell short, I decided to make one by myself. (Yes, setting new projects never ends 😉 ) After all, it is not that big of a deal to grab a pair of pants and rip them apart… However, when I dived into my kids’ closets, I was not able to find a pair that would be suitable for that experiment. Recently, Old Navy has had a decent deal, hence, I bought one pair for Daniela for, attention, 8$ ! Not a bad price for jeans that were about to undergo to a process of destruction…;-) I wish I could take a video of me rubbing the jeans with sandpaper and Daniela’s face to play it back for you. Priceless! After a while, she came by and asked: “Mommy, did I get them so dirty that now you need to do all of this to remove stains?” I placed a flat piece of wood under the part where I was intending to make a new look and continued rubbing.. And voila!!!

Here is my skater-looking girl with her best friend, Pelito. Pelito is our auntie’s dog that had to be renamed due to Daniela’s mispronunciation problems. Its initial name was Tutsi. Because she could not say it, she called him simply Pelito which means ‘tiny hair’ in Spanish. However, Pelito is also a result of Daniela’s unaware mispronunciation. She was striving to say ‘perrito’, a little dog in Spanish, but since Daniela cannot say r-sound correctly, out doggy finally was given a name :-)












Top – GAP, jeans – Old Navy, Shoes – Puma, Hat – H&M.

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