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It is aaaaall about… PINK!

Only my closest friends know how I feel about pink color… Everyone knew from the very, very      beginning, before even Daniela was born, that I would be, let’s say, unhappy receiving gifts in that lovely color.

 Daniela wore mostly neutrals and was often mistaken for a beautiful, long-lashed  boy :-). Now that she is growing and has developed her own taste towards clothes, toys as well as how she wants to have her hair done, I have honestly and totally given up…  She firmly states that her favorite color is pink. (Why, oh why?)

Recently, at a home-improvement store when I asked my daughter how she envisions her soon- to-be renovated room, she chose the… (drums) pink paint pallet. Needless to say, I have to rethink my idea with grey and peach and add some pink accent (maybe wall or lamp – if it was up to me a light switch 😛 ) to make her happy.

A tut she wears below was bought here. Although there was an incredibly wide range of colors to choose from, I do not need to say she herself picked this one, hot pink… I begin to think my whole life revolves around it. The fabric is soft, it doesn’t itch and it is really high quality. Any girl would can feel special wearing this skirt which does not have to be worn only for princess dress up party but also at every-day play time.

Coincidentally (it might have rather been destiny),  the day that I took these pictures simply happened to be National Pink Day! Yes moms – mark it in your calendars: June 23rd (USA). The holiday offered a lot of pink opportunities – pink clothing, toys and even food!! I came across so many recipes that can be made in honor of National Pink Day here.

In the pink (as a condition)- means to be in good health.

May you all ‘stay in the pink’ !












Vest – GAP, T-shirt – GAP, Boots – HUNTERS, Skirt – TUTU COUTURE, Hat – made it myself

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