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On the moon

Yes, we are back from our very  long vacation in Poland. The Kids are already missing their cousins and grandparents. Good thing Daniela is back in school and  she can go back to her everyday routine. Even tough I’m not over the jet lag yet, I’m already organizing my pictures from our trip and trying to make some albums or scrapbooks. I know if i don’t do them now, they will stay pilled up in one of my drawer forever.

Here, i have some pictures taken while still  in Poland, since i had a very poor access to the internet i couldn’t expose them earlier. That was a time when just Daniela and i went to an restaurant to spent some mother-daughter quality time. Daniela that day had so much fun, she didn’t want to leave. This place here has a lot  to offer, besides superb food, a gigantic play ground and on top of that, each Saturday they host a well- know person (an actor,a writer) to read a story  for kids. Isn’t it an awesome idea???

Daniela was wearing a dress from Kids on the moon, a brand that i  saw appearing  over and over again on one of my favorite blogs So, when i went to Poland i decided to give it a try. The designers are from Warsaw and here’s what they say about their collections “the no gravity brand for kids, created under the full moon. Best for night walks on roofs,playing in stardust, and formal meeting with UFO“. Their clothing are very simple,made of cotton jersey and sweat,yet stylish with a touch of elegance like Daniela’s dress. I saw already a fall collection on the above mentioned blog, and its going to be a  must-have clothing for my girls-))













Dress-Kids on the moon, , shoes–here

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