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Happy Wednesday!

It is been a while since I made an appearance over here – let me blame my other passions for it, they keep me extremely busy… Newborn and maternity photography, crochet and cake design on the top of that. I cherish them all. Each day, whenever I have just a little spare time from my kids, I take some alone time with my hobbies.

Even though snow is still abundantly laying down on the ground and resists to melt down, I can feel spring is just around the corner. The other day I jumped with joy having seen grocery stores are selling already daffodils and tulips. Couple more weeks left…  These flowers are simply a herald of the spring for me so I purchased a bouquet so I could enjoy having them on my table. Sadly, they were lost while I was dragging grocery bags in the parking lot to the car, while heavy rain was pouring on me mercilessly.

When stopping by at some kids fashion blogs, I had a chance to admire outfits for upcoming spring season already. Hence, I know what I want to get for my little ladies from a new collection. Nosweet (as you may remember from previous posts) has a gorgeous and a very girly dress with watermelon print. Bobo choses and watermelon snickers – that is a pick for Kaia. Looks like this print is going to prevail in spring as well as summer collection. I am planning on making a tutorial on how to do a T-shirt with a watermelon design on an iron paper. Other kids’ brands resorted to sea-creatures patterns: Mini Rodini and KUKUKIDS. However, since it is still cold outside, I prefer Daniela wears goodies I have already purchased for her…

Yes, you see it right –  a wild, furry vest. Although Danny owns few of them I could not resist…! It goes perfect with either denim or a sophisticated dress – compliments and completes every outfit :) It is hand-made and its superb fabric quality will make buying it irresistible for you as well. SMOCK is a relatively new brand, revealing passion for designing kids’ clothes. You will definitely see my kids wearing more items from them. I am so looking forward to seeing what they will offer us in upcoming season!



Skirt-Zara,   Shirt-Gap,  Tights- Gymboree,  Shoes-no name, similar( here)(here)




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