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Apr 27, 2015

Happy Monday everyone!!

There are days where Tiziano  is anxiously waiting for his big sis to come home  from school so they can play-fight together.It’s interesting to see their bond as  siblings and how they interact with each other and miss each other if one of them is away. Its a good feeling to know that they have each other and I don’t have to look for play dates .. Since not long ago we celebrated A National Siblings day recognized in some states. Therefore, I got inspired to take pictures of  two(at least) of my kiddos since in the last posts Daniela was mostly present.

Tiziano was wearing my latest project  harem pants,which was completed a few days ago and loved how they came out. I’m specially proud of myself, because I didn’t use any patterns , I just measured my boy from the top to the bottom and cut the fabric..not bad for not being a pro :-)). and voila ready to go to play outside.

Daniela’s top was from SMOCK mentioned a few posts before paired with organic fabric harem pants from Indikidual..

                 And now the only thing that is left to do is wait for some much more pleasurable  weather for me and my kiddos to have another photo shoot ;D





Top- Smock,  pants– Indikidual    ,Hat- Miniandmaximus,   Boots-Hunters


Pants- made by mom,   Sweat shirt-J.crew,  T-shirt –Ojtyty,  Boots-Hunters

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