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May 24, 2015

BF stands for best friend.  I don’t recall having such a close  friend in my childhood as Daniela has.  Maybe it’s because her friend Laila lives next door and it’s just a jump over the fence? Many of their hours are spent together and that’s still not enough :-) . They both share so many common interests and a passion for  wild life.  They have both recently been intrigued by so many caterpillars walking around – naming them and saying goodbye every time their playtime comes to an end.  Daniela often comes home with Laila’s clothes on after playing dress up as princesses. When I asked her why she  replied: “Because we played a fashion walk.” You can just picture Daniela with Laila’s garments :- )) So over sized (Lol). They also spend countless hours on a trampoline.  I often spot them eating and reading books on it.  And with Tiziano getting big now, both girls exclude him from their play circle leaving the poor boy in tears.  As we plan our move from the current neighborhood, I realize just how devastating it will be for all of us to be separated from such a lovely friendship.

As we took a stroll in Downtown to get an ice cream, Daniela was wearing a blouse from Beau loves, where all their clothes are made with love in the UK ( I adore those huge bugs on )complemented with distressed shorts from Gymboree. Shorts are my recent purchase ( on sale) and I decided to distress

them to go with a fashion flow.

Thank you for reading…




Blouse-Beau loves,  Shorts-Gymboree, Shoes-Zara, Headband-(made by mom)

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