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Ladies getaway!

Jul 15, 2015

Happy Wednesday Friends!

Summer is in full swing, kids are out of school and are enjoying numerous fun summer camps unlike my boy Tiziano who repeatedly refuses to go and attend but would rather stay home with mummy. Daniela, on the other hand, has fully recovered from the surgery and has joined gymnastics camp which she absolutely loves… Hallelujah!

For the past week or so, Daniela was talking about having a picnic. I wanted it to be in a different location than our backyard, to make it more of an event, adventure for my girls. As you may assume, I had my vision for that too :) Us, eating healthy snacks by the lake with the sunset in the background. We are blessed to live in area where place like this is easily accessible and we can get there in no time… Sunday was such a sunny day. Therefore, I rushed to pack things in the car. As soon as we got there, clouds filled the sky… No sunset watching for us, nevertheless, girls still had a blast and really appreciated the picnic. Daniela is already looking forward to next one :)

Kaia was wearing a top from “littletrendsetter” which I absolutely adore for its color, softness and overall chic style. They do have such stylish dresses for girls with very elaborative details (crochet trim on Kaia’s top) as well as fashionable accessories such as Daniela’s sunnies .

Aren’t they adorable??

DSC_0081pppDSC_0093ppppDSC_0100DSC_0124ppppDSC_0107pppppDSC_0105ppppDSC_0144ppppDSC_0146ppppppDSC_0148ppppDSC_0069ppppDSC_0134pppppDSC_0068pppppDSC_0144ppppDSC_0180pppppDSC_0246ppppDSC_0270pppppDSC_0214pppppDSC_0306DSC_0312ppppDSC_0311pppp    Daniela:

Dress – Ojtyty, Hat – Gymboree, Sunnies – Littletrendsetter


Top – Littletrendsetter, Shorts – Zara, Shoes – Mini Melissa,  Socks – here


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