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Learning the trade.

Aug 24, 2015

Last year I promised Daniela and Leila we will have a lemonade stand. They both got very excited not being fully aware of the entire idea behind it, i.e. making money ūüėČ Due to¬†our booked schedule I was not able to fulfill my promise, hence, this year I was very determined to make it happen. I carefully searched for lemonade stand¬†tutorials here and the next step was picking a date with my husband and¬†Leila’s mom so they can help me make THE¬†lemonade and take care of the rest of the kids.

Leila showed up at our house¬†early in the morning, all dolled up with her hair curled and ready to learn the business! Daniel was not any less excited! To make a fake crowd, we called ¬†our friends and hinted they should be accidentally walking by our house at 11am… I did not expect the girls to have so much fun!¬† And so did we seeing our friends. Next time we will incorporate cupcakes! We had to leave for vacation¬†so the revenue in the piggy bank remains uncounted and undivided. When we do so, the girl will have to choose how to spend their money.. Hopefully wisely…

Have a wonderful start into the week!



Dress – Jujubunnyshop, Shoes – Manuela de Juan (here), Headband – Atsuyo at Akiko (here)


Dress-H&M, Shoes-no name

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