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Aug 6, 2015

Welcome everyone!

Today, I would love to share with you my latest findings!

It is certain that if you are a mom of a little girl (or girls) she loooves your make up set, doesn’t she? Each time I put my make-up, Kaia stares curiously at me,  guessing or rather asking ‘what is this’ about every single item, awaiting impatiently to be let to do the exactly same thing. Obviously, you do not want to put any of the beauty products on such a young skin which are loaded with chemicals… Once, she used my waterproof mascara, many of my lipsticks were broken or simply vanished after a careful search performed by my little ladies! :) Having found this amazing product I say it has been the greatest gift for Kaia!

She has been a huge enthusiast of it since day one – she puts on lipstick, some blush and walks around the house, showing off her make-up masterpiece! Now, she can apply it along with her mom who is indescribably relieved as this product  guarantees a mess-free environment! You do not need to worry about your little ones staining clothes or even eating these products! It was made from some kind of foam that was delicately dyed so it does feel like real eye shadows, blush or bronzer as you touch it. It is hilarious to watch her ‘applying’ it as it leaves no color whatsoever but it still makes her feel ecstatic! I highly recommend it, especially for toddlers!

Thank you for stopping by! Have a wonderful day!

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Dress – Modernchild,   Crown – H&M,   Pillows – made by me, Make up set – here

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