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The Sunshine State!


Feb 5, 2016

It has been a few days since we came back from our little vacation. Oh man, what a trip! Only parents of three or more know what it is like to travel with 3 little kids… Nevertheless, I still feel the warmest sun spells on my body just looking at these pictures – I still dream of the hot weather that we enjoyed in the sunny state, Florida. I remain so grateful for this getaway. I must say, fraction of me felt so lucky we were there while our friends got snowed in by the blizzard. I know the kiddos would have had so much fun playing in the snow but they did have fun at the beach and the pool. Not too bad! Once we got home, we discovered it would take us a while to get through this Antarctica (I mean from the road, through our driveway, to the front door). Now, we have to wait patiently for spring to arrive – only two months away. I do hope there will be no snowstorms again this year. Again, being stuck with 3 kids in the house is something only mommies of three or more would understand….

I could not miss out on the oportunity to take pictures of Daniela in a such beautiful scenery, in such a gorgeous dress from Tutu du monde. It is my second garment from this brand and I am beyond thrilled to see Daniela looking stunning wearing it. It is absolutely worth it to have such a fine piece in your girl’s wardrobe, for its beauty and craftsmanship, for it is from delicate and divine fabrics. I also could not ignore the shoes!  From JOYFOLIE that compliments this outfit  and girls love everything that sparkle, don’t they?

Hope you enjoy our pictures & thank You for stopping by!





She was wearing:          Dress – TUTUDUMONDE,          Shoes& Hat – joyfolie

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