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There comes the summer..

May 29, 2016

To God be the glory! After weeks of unstoppable rain we finally have gorgeous weather on the East coast and therefore, tons of options for outdoor activities. As far as my kids are concerned, it is quiet simple – just leave them by the lake. Water keeps them busy for hours which gives mommy some time to catch a breath. As you can see below, my cocodrillos were totally immersed in trying to find fish. I am beyond glad that the time of caterpillars is over! Forgive me but I find it pretty disgusting to touch these creatures. Until very recently, our backyard  was a place of saving caterpillars’ lives, creating them a “home-sweet-home” and feeding it with lettuce!

Also, it constantly amazes me how kids who are so close in age, like Tiziano and Daniela, have so much in common, sharing the same interest in movies (Star Wars), toys and even hanging out with the same friends. What happens is Daniela and her best friend Leila absolutely try to avoid which usually leaves him in tears. Not to mention the youngest Kaia who is all about following her sibling!

Since , to my content, Tiziano does not oppose to wear a bow, he has it for almost all of the events that we attend! As long as he is on his scooter or just playing in mud, he is FINE :) People asked me many times whether he ever takes it off. I always say: nope, it is like his second skin :-)

Daniela’s fuzzy skirt is for me absolutely gorgeous. I am planning to get one in pink for the summer :-)

Hope you are enjoying the weekend and lots of sales :) !


Daniela : Skirt (here), Top&Shoes- Zara, Necklace- J.Crew, Sunnies- Jujubunnyshop

Tiziano: Shirt- H&M, Shoes, Pants & hat-Zara, Bow- JanieandJack, Suspenders- Gymboree

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