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Back to school!

: Sep 13, 2016

It has been a while since I posted any pictures of my cocodrillos here. The reason is because of our annual trip to Poland . For my kiddos it was  a beautiful experience and I hope it will be a continuous event  each year. We have been back for a few weeks now and they are still talking about their friends and places we visited . Things they did, such as learning new playing games being silly and adventurous, running bare feet picking fresh veggies and fruits playing with animals and plain out laughing together about their mischiefes! For Tiziano the best experience was riding a combine ,since it  was harvesting time in the village,therefore he became  fascinated with tractors and combines being able to ride one was a quite unforgettable feeling for him. Now that everything is back to our routine, my kids are back to school  and I am a happy mom who has time for herself. Kaia took her time to get used to idea that it’s time for her to start school,after almost two week of refusing to get up and get ready for  school , she is finally come to terms to the idea that  each morning she has to get ready and go to school  along her siblings with a big smile on her face.

Here, Daniela was wearing a dress from accompanied by glamorous and glittery shoes from Primigi. My intention was  to create a boho look-)).I hope you like this look!

thank you for stepping by

DSC_1175DSC_1183-2DSC_1079DSC_1087DSC_1090DSC_1125DSC_1138DSC_1134DSC_1135DSC_1171DSC_1116DSC_1148DSC_1133DSC_1156DSC_1230DSC_1238DSC_1236DSC_1269DSC_1317DSC_1312DSC_1276DSC_1308DSC_1300DSC_1323DSC_1337DSC_1349She was wearing: Shoes-Primigi, Vest-Nordstroom,


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