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still fall

Nov 26, 2016

Browsing through my kids wardrobe I suddenly realized that they are growing up pretty fast.Last year I was delighted that Daniela had plenty of clothes to wear so I did not have to run in search for new garments for this season.Not the case as a matter of fact  the whole  bulk of  clothing will now go to my youngest daughter, Kaia. Beside outgrowing  all of her clothes  she is also more aware of her taste in them and therefore she is a little picky on choosing outfits, her new fashion style she is  growing  her bangs and refusing to wear glittery,ruffled dresses. She loves leggings (preferable leopard prints)and sweat shirts . Unlike my youngest Cocodrillo (Kaia) who loves girlish stuff  the more ruffles the better for her, even in different weather conditions hot or cold she still prefers  a dress along with her toys (Shopkins). I ‘m terrified to shop at Target with her because every time she sees the toy department she convinces me to buy her another set of  Shopinks ,and as you may know if you are a mother of a Shopkins lover kid,  that these are very tiny toys and you spend a lot of time picking them up from the floor so they are not swept away or vacuumed.  Besides I know that her up coming birthday party will be Shopkins themed. As for my middle Cocodrillo  (Tiziano), this boy lets me put on him any outfit I chose without any fuss for the exception  on this one  when  gorgeous mustard color  winter jacket  that I bought for him at Zara with a furry hood  boy he did not like that, he  refused to wear to  school because he believed  that they would make fun of him for wearing fur. After some convincing and taking the furry part out of hood he agreed to wear it. So, at the end of the day I related the story to his teacher and she laughed because she had complemented him on his brand new jacket but he sure did not tell her about the fur problem that he had with this jacket. He  also tends to be a story teller in school not always the truth but nothing crazy it’s always  some story regarding our family,such as our cat was sick and had a surgery,doctor had to cut his guts out, mom doesn’t love her morning coffee but daddy makes it for her anyways things like that so I was surprised that he did not have a great story for the class about his mustard color fury hood jacket.

I hope you all had a lovely THANKSGIVING DAY!!




Daniela: Vest-Target, Pants-Gap, T-shirt-Zara, Boots-UGG, Bag-Gap

Tiziano: Vest&sweater-Zara,Tie-Etsy, Shirt-Jack&Janie, Pants-No name, Shoes-Mazurek

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