get it or not!!

Oct 26, 2017

This lovely tiny creature on the pictures below is our Pellito! you might have seen him in previous posts! He is a wonderful dog that comes to visit us occasionally and belongs to our extended family members.! When Pellito  spends time with our cocodrillos is very intense, meaning that they try to train him at all cost, which in turn becomes hours and hours upon hours of running around . After a while all Pellito  wants is to go home and rest. Seeing my kids have so much fun with this dog makes me very tempted to get our own dog! But then I hear warnings from  some people telling me that getting a puppy is like having an additional child. Which in turn becomes too much work, and the fact that kids are only exited  at the beginning with a puppy brings me back to my senses. Then again maybe our kids are too young or who knows perhaps when our littlest one is older we might consider getting a dog, having cat for now seems to work perfectly. The other factor is that for example about a week ago  my sister’s lovely dog was bitten by another dog  and didn’t survive the bite. So to see the whole family  mourning the loss of a member  is too heartbreaking and that also scares me to get  a dog. Nobody likes to loose a  family member specially when its hurts so much!


A little conversation between father and daughter:

Kaia: Daddy there was a boy with spots on his face.

Daddy: They are called freckles, look at me I have them on my face as well.

Kaia: It’s because you eat too much pizza.


She wears: Pants-ZARA, Jacket-NORDSTROOM, Sunnies-J.CREW, Shoes- MICHAEL KORS

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