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Aug 24, 2017

      It has been a while since I uploaded a post. My closest friends even  started asking if  I was not  interested in blogging anymore! No, that is not unfortunately the case. I just have been really busy with this thing we call life :-). I do enjoy photography, especially when it means capturing the beautiful images of my little ones along with styling them, of course! Since the birth of my first child, I have come to appreciate photography more and it has become a part of my life and my true passion. I feel this is an amazing way of freezing the time.. Moreover, I conscientiously document my photographs as a sort of digital album, so someday, my kids can browse through these posts and reflect how fast and how much they changed. Last May, it was the third anniversary of blogging and I am so looking forward to what the future holds.

Let me just briefly explain the reason for my absence on lovecocodrillo.com – I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. This is quite a struggle for me and it has been for a few months now.  I am doing my best at defeating this monster. You might wonder why I actually bother  to mention it here? I can not stress enough how IMPORTANT it is to be aware of this disease – in order to protect yourself and to support your loved ones who experience what I have been facing. A couple of years ago I posted pictures of Daniela right after her release from the hospital due to Lyme disease, she had to have surgery because of it. On the other hand, I have being struggling with this  for eight months now. It is extremely draining to be in a constant battle with pain and not being able to keep my camera for more than a few seconds due to joint pain. It is beyond difficult telling the kids that I cant go biking with them because I am just exhausted.. I am a warrior. Therefore, I will get rid of it and will soon be Lyme-disease-free.

The pictures below were taken while on our vacation in Poland. As always – they had a blast playing with their polish cousins and friends while practicing  the language – Mommy is making sure they keep learning :) Because most of the time in the country they were running barefoot, now back home whenever we go shopping my kiddos tend to forget to wear their shoe wear… It forces  me to shop at stores where I can put them in a shopping cart :). Tiziano decleared clearly that he aspires to be a farmer – he advised grandpa to sow rye so he can harvest it with a combain harvester. I am curious if he is going to stick to his plans once he grows up – that would sure save us money for his college tuition 😉

Stay positive Friends!

Have a wonderful week!


 Daniela: top- Zara, shorts-Ralph Lauren, hat- ZARA, Sunnies-GAP, shoes-no name
Kaia:top- Ralph Lauren, shorts-J.crew, shoes-Zara, bag- Joules, sunnies-JUJUBUNNYSHOP




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