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treat or trick

 Nov 7, 2017

     Now that my absolute favorite season is in full swing, FALL.It is just calling me outside with this gorgeous colors and beautiful  collage of falling leaves it makes for stunning settings. How can I restrain myself from taking pictures.My  Cocodrillos  were very excited for our annual trip to the  farm to choose the right pumpkins for carving. After creating  spooky creatures out of the  pumpkins with  daddy’s help they were too anxious to start  trick or treating. Needless to say the ‘WHEN IS HALLOWEEN ,MOM?’ question never ended. Tiziano is a huge fun of scary sounds and Halloween music, to the point that he would ask Alexa to play Halloween music, and he would pull down all the window’s shades so to create  a scary ambient to scare himself and his two sisters. And all this preparation would also scare him to the point that he can not even go to the bathroom by himself. Thanks GOD that this holiday has come to pass cause after all the candy and the cleaning up we are extremely tired and done with the sugar rush. The day after I spent all morning picking up candy’s wrappers from the front yard.

Thank you for reading-)))


                Tiziano:Shirt- J.Crew, Sweater: Benetton, Pants- H&M, Shoes- Bartek ,hat-Gymboree

                 Daniela: Dress-H&M, Jacket and hat-Nordstroom, Boots-oldies,tights-Target

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