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December 15, 2017

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Let me tell you – I am glad Halloween happens once a year.. Otherwise I would die from sugar overdose along with my kiddos. We are still recovering from that day… Today, while cleaning our front yard with a leaf-blower, Titi found candy and there it was – a Mr. Kool-Aid smile! And then I killed the spark of joy by saying he was so not going to have it… He was heartbroken. Mr. Kool-Aid smile was gone… Guilty as charged, I took a bag of sweets (yes, the same one I promised not to ever show them again) and let us indulge ourselves a little more. We would finish all of these anyways. Excuses, excuses… As you see – recovering is not going so well. We all need a little detox :-)

I was so anxious to take these pictures just in time, before all leaves perfectly disappear.  I even reminded my husband to not to remove any of them from our front yard so I could take few good shoots. It was also a great day since my auntie came to visit with her lovely Pellito – as you can see from Daniela’s face expression, she was over the moon playing with her tiny friend. I will reiterate, my most favorite season of all, so many things to be grateful for…

November, welcome! Not only is it a month of giving thanks (this should last all year as far as I am concerned) but also lower temperatures and chilly, windy days. Time has arrived and we have to put warmer clothes on – no excuses here whatsoever.

When I spotted this poncho I just could not resist a temptation of buying it for Daniela. Immediately, I envisioned a perfect match: poncho with the ridding pants from H&M. In addition, the hat that really completed the entire outfit. Even though I felt it might be a little big for Daniela right now, that is ok – it is going to fit her next year and then will be passed on Kaia, never too many accessories! With getting heavy outwear for my kiddos , I decided to wait until so called last minute which is probably this week or so because it is getting cold out here. The reason for waiting so long is mid-season sale and who doesn’t like sales….?














Poncho – Janie and Jack,    Leggings – H&M,     Shoes – Umi (Nordstrom),   Knee socks – Gymboree, Scarf – Zara,    Hat – Zara

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